“My mission is to make the world more beautiful, colourful, expressive through art.”


Enjoying a wide creative freedom, Pedro Guimarães recurs to various techniques, resources and materials.

The paths are multiple and the possibilities are infinite. The artist works with concepts and different approaches in the creation of his art. In his artworks we can find figurative art and abstract art, sometimes the counterposition between both.

Originality and the urge to surprise are characteristics of his work.

There is also a clear intention to involve those who see the artwork, to participate in the narrative interpretation of the artwork according to their experiences, emotions and conceptualizations.

The artist’s rebelliousness and daring is evident in his will to broaden the definition of art, seeking experimentation with materials, unexpected techniques and the reuse of materials.

Pedro Guimarães uses multidisciplinary languages from drawing to painting to constantly explore the multiple forms of observation, highlighting the humanism of figurative painting.

Over the years, the artist has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Portugal and on the international circuit. His works are part of private collections all over the world: Nigeria, Sweden, Holland, USA, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Spain, Angola, Puerto Rico and Lebanon. His work is exhibited at the renowned Georges Bergès Gallery in Soho, New York and in several other capitals by Opera Gallery.